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Welcome to REIKI POWER : Reiki Training, Treatment & Research Center

Reiki Power is registered firm dedicated in the divine service of Reiki Training and Reiki Healing. Dr. RK Sharma, the owner of this firm has a motto to enlighten the path, The Path that leads the human being towards the freedom, The Completed Freedom.

Reiki First Degree
Reiki Second Degree
Reiki Master Healer
Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Grand Master

Chakras Healing
Full Body Healing
Distance Healing
Relation Healing
Addiction Healing
Reiki Wish Box
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Reiki Healing Wands
Crystal Mala
Crystal Pyramid

What is the meaning of Reiki ?
The word Reiki has been derived from Japanese. It has to kanji Rei and Ki. Rei means Universal and Ki means Energy. Thus Reiki means Universal Energy.

What is Reiki ?
As we all know this whole universe is full of energy. As per science energy ; Neither it can be created nor it can be destroyed. It can be transformed only. Further as per physics energy transfers. So according to science we can conclude three points :
1. Energy
2. Transformation
3. Transfer
Now lets understand Reiki. What is Reiki? Reiki is a science that enables a healer to receive the universal energy, transform into desirable form and transfer to the needful subject. That’s  all this REIKI.

Benefit of Reiki.
Mind is the master controller of body. Root cause of  90 % of diseases lie in our mind.  What is disease. In the term of Reiki it can be defined simply as Lack of Energy or Imbalance of Energy. This is the reason why benefit of Reiki can be seen on each and every diseases whether its physical or mental.

Reiki helps
To improve Concentration Power, Will Power, Memory Power.
To heal Stress, Tension, Depression, O.C.D.
To cure any Physical or Mental Diseases.
To improve love, peace and relation.
To  cure  Addiction.
To achieve any Goal.
To heal any Black Magic

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